Honouring Loss, Nurturing Hearts

The Last Kiss Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting bereaved families in hospitals and maternity units across the UK

The Last Kiss Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing the hearts and supporting the families of those who have experienced the loss of a baby. We understand that this journey can be devastating and isolating, leaving families overwhelmed and in need of support.

At The Last Kiss Foundation, we provide a range of services and resources to help families cope with their grief and begin their healing journey. Our mission is to create a compassionate environment where families can find comfort and their hearts can begin to heal during this challenging time.

We offer bereavement care resources, specialised equipment, training, and well-being support to all who provide direct care to bereaved families. By enhancing bereavement facilities and providing tailored training, we enable health care professionals to provide a more personalised approach to deliver ‘compassionate, individualised, high quality bereavement care’ (Ockenden 2022).

The Last Kiss Foundation relies solely on the generosity of people like you. Your donations make a real difference in the lives of families in need. Together, we can nurture the hearts of those who have experienced loss and support them on their healing journey.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Together, we can make a difference.

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Our Vision

Our aim and vision is to help and support hospital maternity units with equipment bespoke to their needs to enhance their bereavement facilities enabling the midwives to give more personalised care.  Also, we can offer a bespoke grief training programme to midwives and healthcare professionals.

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Crafting Legacies for Charity

Introducing Russell, affectionately known as Russ, the driving force behind RJC Wills and a devoted advocate for The Last Kiss Foundation. Russ presents an exceptional opportunity: on an annual designated day, he pledges to create complimentary basic wills for individuals who choose to contribute to our remarkable charity. With just a donation, Russ will professionally document your wishes, establishing a lasting legacy of empathy and assistance for grieving families. We are deeply privileged to partner with Russ, and if you’re interested in seizing this incredible opportunity, please reach out. Your legacy has the potential to shine as a beacon of hope for those facing adversity.

Our Events

Sponsored Skydive

Treasurer Sharon, along with the brave Matthew Richards take to the skies to complete a sponsored 15,000 ft tandem skydive with the fabulous team at

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What else we can provide?

Healthcare Professional Training

Over the last eight years we have worked with different hospitals and healthcare professionals across different maternity units in Devon and Torbay. One of the priority areas highlighted to us has been a need for bereavement training and support for midwives and healthcare professionals so we have developed training around different theories and models relating to grief and loss and provided a psychologically safe space for healthcare professionals to engage in reflective practice.

School Support

1 in 29 children will experience the death of a parent or loved one whilst in school. Our bespoke training covers the shapes of grief, cover grief literacy, how children and young people might be feeling, how this can present and how schools can help them express these emotions in healthy ways. It includes practical strategies and tools that school staff can use with children and young people.

Testimonials from previous training